A5 Wagyu Roti Don from Food Wars! | Anime with Alvin

A rose of A5 wagyu atop a bed of rice and garlic? Say no more.

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  1. Guys can you do Sanji lunchbox in bigmom arc from One Piece? I really like that anime and its really popular

  2. Yep, Alvin DOES have what it takes to be a Food Warrior! Accurately pinpointing what's wrong with losing entries and then making spectacular, winning versions of them.

  3. The other dish that won the competition was much more complicated. I would like to see it cooked in real.

  4. There is a TON of great food in xxxHolic. Please do an episode on something from that series?
    Personally I'd love to see you tackle Kitsune oden or one of the MANY bento Watanuki shares with his friends. (The one for Tsuyuri in xxxHolic: Kei is particularly nice).

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