324 Layer Croissant from Yakitate!! Japan | Anime with Alvin

This week Alvin is making the famed 324 layer (minus 10) croissant from Yakitate!! Japan.

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  1. This is full of misinformation people, this is for enternaiment, if you want to make croissants, don't use this recipe/technique

  2. I think if you somehow made the croissant bigger it might… do something… kinda… but that seems kinda silly, honestly. If it tastes like some other pastry then maybe just make that other pastry.

  3. this is very nice, i've made croissants by myself too, so i kinda know how it goes but these are very nice to watch!!! well done!!!

  4. Excited to see an episode covering "joke" or "mistake" foods from an anime. Love to see Furukawa Sanae's bread from Clannad sometime.

  5. I don't know how I missed this episode until now, Yakatate! Japan is one of my top 10 anime of all time. Very excited for this one

  6. "I'm removing the dough hook every few minutes to use it to scrape down the bowl. Now that it's ready I'll get it out with a bowl scraper…."

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