18+ Only Virtual Fleshlight + Bigger Penis Calm Version

Get a fat, long dick while you pump this virtual p*ssy


❗ Not my proudest fun. This is my most NSFW subliminal I’ve made, and honestly, I was and still am a little nervous about posting something like this on my channel. This will not be a regular thing, so please don’t fully expect more subliminals like this.❗

This subliminal is safe to use and free of any negative words/wording

Enjoy and remember to stay hydrated

Alright, so, I wasn’t exactly sure how to put the “benefits” in for this one, so instead you’ll get the whole view of the affirmations. Enjoy!

And let’s not forget to always practice safe sex! And remember, consent is always sexy 😘

All affirmations turn into instant results as soon as they are said
I am allowing myself to experience instant and pleasurable physical feeling from these affirmations
I am so incredibly horny
My huge, massive, angry d*ck is throbbing and pulsing
Intense sexual pleasure is racing throughout my entire body
My fat, juicy d*ck is being gripped by the tightest, wettest p*ssy
I can feel the p*ssy getting tighter around my big, girthy d*ck as I go deeper
It’s hard to control myself
I am so hot and bothered
My heart is pounding
My blood pressure is rising
My senses are heightening and my arousal is increasing
My body is so tense yet so relaxed
I’m thrusting deep inside this p*ssy
It’s so warm and inviting
It’s so gripping tight and wet
My d*ck is swimming in creamy pussy juices
So much cream
So much pleasure
It’s squeezing my hard, massive d*ck
It feels so good, I might faint
I feel like touching myself right now
It’s like my balls and heavy, fat d*ck is being sucked and fondled with
This soft wet tongue is twirling around the tip of my d*ck
I’m feeling strong, uncontrollable, wet sensations around the tip of my d*ck
My girthy, king sized d*ck is being sucked down its entire shaft like a vacuum
I can hear the throat gagging on my long, hard shaft
I feel my penis is in the most tightest most wet and deepest throat
I feel so amazing
This feels too good
This feels like heaven
I need to cum
I want to cum
This is an insane, uncontrollable sexual sensation
I am so sexually aroused
I’m about to bust a nut
I have a strong urge to orgasm
I can feel an intense climax coming on
I’m coming
Oh my gosh, I’m coming so hard right now
My d*ck is pulsing and throbbing as I cum
I am so sexually satisfied

⚠️ If there are any benefits you see here that you DO NOT want, I suggest you not to listen to this subliminal. As the “you can block out any unwanted affirmations” is not true. Subliminals are made to bypass the conscious mind, what’s reasonable and logical. The subconscious mind soaks up all of it and does not reject the affirmations because of all of this! So if you see something you don’t like, or if you start to feel bad, stop listening and switch to a different subliminal. Thank you ⚠️

The affirmations are completely unsped

All affirmations are written in English

😘😘 Done with the help of Tellifluenced

Thank you so much, my love. It is truly a pleasure working with you 😘😘

Much love and results🤎

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